2FAS branding are the perfect way to represent your two-factor authentication ready service. Icons are easy to use and easy to remember.

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Increase your brand recognition and customer experience with the 2FAS app.

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Why custom brand icon?

It’s great that you care about your customers and the security of your service by providing the 2-Factor Authentication.

Give your customers a great experience and submit your brand icon.


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Submitting your brand icon increases your credibility in the eyes of current and future customers, gives them a consistent experience and makes it easier to find the tokens in our app.

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for supporting your brand in 2FAS app.

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Common questions

When your brand icon is accepted, it will be uploaded up to 3 weeks (usually it takes 3 weeks to create and upload new the 2FAS app version).

We will charge you automatically for the next month of brand appearance in the 2FAS app.

Of course! You can send us your updated icon if you cover a monthly fee.