2FAS branding are the perfect way to represent your two-factor authentication ready service. Icons are easy to use and easy to remember.

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Why custom brand icon?

It’s great that you care about your customers and the security of your service by providing 2-Factor Authentication.


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Give your customers a great experience and submit your brand icon.


Submitting your brand icon increases your credibility in the eyes of the current and future customers, gives them a consistent experience and makes it easier to find the tokens in our app.


5+ millions users have already downloaded 2FAS. 600k users actively use 2FAS every month. Let them see your brand amongst leading digital platforms.

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Common questions

When your brand icon is accepted, it will be uploaded up to 3 weeks. Usually, it takes 3 weeks to create and upload the new 2FAS app version.

Of course! If your icon is accepted, you can send us your updated icon anytime.