Protect access to your online privacy with 2FAS

Secure your WordPress Administration area for free with the most advanced two factor authentication.


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How it works

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Features & Security

WordPress AdminSecure login

Each time you log in to the WordPress Administration area, 2FAS determines whether or not the user is required to enter a token as an additional form of authentication

Brute force attacks

When under going
 a brute-force attack, your password can be discovered by the attacker. This is the only vulnerability you will experience with 2FAS

Access token storage for future use

With 2FAS, you can save your browser as a trusted source or you can require a token for each WordPress administration login

Wordpress website takeover

Many people use the same password or a similar password for many online services. Repeatedly used passwords remain are vulnerable in cyberspace

Available for multiple users

2FAS’s Two Factor Authentication is available
 to all users as soon as it’s installed and configured

Phishing & keylogger attacks

Any password discovery
 attempt is useless with 2FAS. Without the token generated by your 2FAS, conventional access to your WordPress site is almost impossible

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Push Notifications

After integration with our API, you will receive push notifications, which will allow you to confirm the login from your phone without having to open the application and rewrite the code.